Chris Bielut

Maryland, United States

Specializing in creative problem solving, effective workplace collaboration, and client relationship management. I possess substantial knowledge of graphic design and web production.


Please take a moment to consider my portfolio pieces below. Feel free to contact me with any questions about my work or skill set.

Client and Concept

This gallery includes both client work and concept work. Click the images below to enlarge them. Mouse over the enlarged image for more information about the piece.

Many of the pieces featured above contain original photography and illustrations, however some concept work contains derivations of publicly accessible imagery for placement only. Please contact me with any questions or concerns regarding the assets used in my work.

Web and Interactive

For each of the following sites, I developed the design concept, created the graphics, wrote the HTML and CSS, and integrated the site with Silverpoint's SchoolSuite CMS - also leveraging the CMS to populate client supplied content. Some small changes have been made to the sites by others since they initially launched (client-side content updates, small layout changes, etc.), but the overall designs and structures remain intact. In the case of the Green Street Academy site, I adapted elements of their existing collateral design when developing the look and feel.


I've had the opportunity to take a variety of photography courses providing me with experience with digital photography, fine art photography, and alternative processes.

Handwork and Drawing

I enjoy experimenting with pen and ink, printmaking techniques, and sculpture to render both organic and synthetic forms.