Chris Bielut

Maryland, United States

Specializing in creative problem solving, effective workplace collaboration, and client relationship management. I possess substantial knowledge of graphic design and web production.

Head of State

I hope I don't end up surveilled, detained, interned, or exiled for writing this. But after months of hesitation, I've finally decided I'm entitled to my own opinions. I'm entitled to make them public, too.

Donald Trump is a tasteless man, a miserable orator, and an utter fool for setting national policy via Twitter. His successes in industries as disreputable as real estate and reality television do not qualify him to govern.

I do not support his frequently hostile agendas. I do not believe his dubious promises. I fear his bombastic personality and inexperience will lead to considerable hardship for the United States. Worst of all, he will never inspire greatness.

I'm not comparing Donald Trump to anyone or anything other than the platonic ideal of a leader. I don't hold these views by default because of any political affiliations (or lack thereof, as is the case). I think and feel this way after considerable contemplation. At this point, these opinions are not negotiable and I have no wish to discuss them with anyone.

Caveat Venditor

I recently helped my Mom sell her/our house. Now that it is done, I thought it would be therapeutic to write a "review" of the undertaking:

Selling our home of 30 years has been an unpleasant, demeaning experience. At every turn, we felt as though we were getting the short end of the stick. The showings, the offer, the inspections, and settlement all favored the other parties involved. Maybe this is just how selling a house is. But we aren't bad people and we aren't stupid people. We were paying customers, so it seems like the process shouldn't have been so miserable.

To be clear, no one was outright mean or deceitful. Not at all. All the people we worked with are probably wonderful human beings. They're probably considered to be good at their jobs too. Unfortunately, them doing their jobs facilitated an experience that made us feel lousy. And we were left with the clear impression we were a minor priority.

We ended up selling the house and walking away with a bit more money than we thought we would. So I guess it was win overall. It is just a shame it couldn't have been easier, friendlier, and more sensible.

Let me know if you'd like the name and number of my realtor!

FSIM Space Shuttle

When I've had a spare minute or two (waiting in line, getting my oil changed, etc.), I've been playing Fsim Space Shuttle on my iPhone. I downloaded the game around the holidays and have been hooked since. The beauty of the game, aside from the realistic graphics and physics, is that you have the option of simulating just the shuttle's final approach. This is great when you want a diversion for a bit. And it certainly is a diversion. I need to pay careful attention and maintain a light touch just to score a 'safe' landing. This game probably isn't for everyone - it isn't super exciting and can be pretty difficult, but it is fun and I do recommend checking it out.

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Happy New Year

I'm working on major treatises discussing my experiences with waxed skate laces, scenic routes from Montgomery County to my house, and best practices for operating a Technivorm KBG-741. Watch this space. Enjoy BJM in the meantime.

Visited Canada

Traveling September 2nd through 4th, I experienced clear plastic money, kilometers per hour, and plentiful natural beauty.